Duplicacy can't back up empty files?

I been testing quite a bit (with the GUI) and I’ve come across a somewhat limiting “feature” (for me at least): Duplicacy doesn’t seem to want to back up files that are 0 bytes.

Is this by design? Is this doable? Is it something that can be requested?

It does backup empty files. You can verify it by restoring. There does seem to be a bug in reporting though.

Yes, I see the files after a restore.

Quite confusing, though. I don’t suppose this is gonna get fixed anytime soon seeing as that thread is from 2019…?

That would be the question for @gchen… Some things get addressed ridiculously quickly, and some (such as interrupted prune causing check to fail, inspire of the solution having been identified) drag for years…

On a number of occasions fellow forum members suggested something along the lines “duplicacy source is available, you can make the change yourself and submit the PR”, to which I don’t have an answer :slight_smile:

This is actually a bug in the web GUI. Empty files are backed up and the CLI can list them correctly with -files. The web GUI doesn’t show them on the restore page, but when you restore the parent directory they should be restored.