Duplicacy config being lost in docker

This issue has now happened to me twice and I’m considering moving on from Duplicacy.

I’m using Duplicacy in a docker container (built with docker-compose).

After I take down the docker container or reboot the machine my Duplicacy configuration is lost. When docker comes up I’m presented with a “create password” screen as if I’m logging in for the first time.

This doesn’t happen every time I tear down my container. Sometimes if I ‘docker-compose down’ and then ‘docker-compose up -d’, it will come up fine. I’m not sure what has caused it to happen thus far.

Is there something obvious I should be looking out for? In addition – is there any way to recover my old configurations, or do I need to start from scratch again?

Post the docker compose.

How do you persist the config directory?

Here’s the docker-compose: version: '3.7'services: duplicacy-web: image: saspus/duplicacy-web:v1. - Pastebin.com

I had used an alternate docker package, as I heard it was better at persisting config.

/mnt/nas-storage/ is a NFS directory.

image: saspus/duplicacy-web:v1.4.1

This is an ancient version. Use tag “:mini”; and specify desired release channel in DUPLICACY_WEB_VERSION variable; e.g. Stable or v1.5.2.

 - /opt/duplicacy/config:/etc/duplicacy
 - /opt/duplicacy/cache:/var/cache/duplicacy

These are wrong mounts. Please refer to the container readme for the correct usage and examples.

Edit: fixed typo

No way. Since you haven’t persisted the config folder outside the container configuration was stored inside; but since containers are disposable entities the content was lost when container was recreated.

Thanks Saspus, I’ll give that a try with the correct mounts.