Duplicacy Config file: the download quota for this file has been exceeded

How do i fix this?

A good start would be to talk to the Duplicati people here.

Duplicati is a completely different program than Duplicacy. One is written in .NET, works great on Windows, but relies on “questionable” ports of .NET (Mono) for portability.

The other (Dupicacy) is written in Go, and is portable from the start, since “Go” was designed to be portable.

@borgqueenx if you meant Duplicacy, what storage backend are you using and can you make sure you’re not hitting the quota for that storage?

Sorry, i was confused. Im indeed using Duplicacy.
Im using google drive for business.
Its a google API error.

I don’t know if the API for google drive business is the same as the personal one. If you are using Google Team Drives, then it is definitely a different API and Duplicacy currently doesn’t support it.

May I suggest changing the name of the topic (Duplicati -> Duplicacy)?

The topic has been updated.

I have also been getting this error when backing up to Google Drive (not business) when scheduled for daily backups. I have recently been backing up manually (not daily) and it seems to help.

According to a comment on this page:

The Google Drive API enforces additional, undocumented quotas in order to protected our backends from abuse. Unfortunately the exact details on these additional quotas cannot be made public

This quota must be really low if you’re only running daily backups. How many repositories are you backing up to the same storage?

Three, although only two at daily intervals, the other is weekly. The repositories are to different folders though, so would that matter for a file for a different repository?