Duplicacy does not restart after system shutdown

I have have just installed Duplicacy Web-UI on my Linux Debian system. I think I followed the instructions correctly. I downloaded the executable; renamed to dwe_backup; moved to /usr/bin

I have created storage, backup and schedule and all runs fine with reports going to my email.

After a reboot, Duplicacy does not restart and my backups are not being done!

What I have I done wrong, please? How can I make my backup schedule continue after a reboot?

For scheduled tasks to work duplicacy_web must be running.

How have you configured duplicacy web to start? Manually? Via service? There lies the problem. This is OS specific, and available facilities should be described in your distribution manual. On Debian likely you would want to use systemd systemd/Services - Debian Wiki.

Thanks for your help, @saspus. That turned out to be a lot more “techy” than I was ready for, having chosen a GUI rather than command line app. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the apparent simplicity of just copying an executable. I should’ve known that things are very rarely that easy! Anyway, having braved bash and systemd, it seems to be working fine now. Thanks again for the pointer.

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