Duplicacy failing to backup on random days

I’ve found that the backup is failing on random days. It failed this morning and this is the log;

Running backup command from /cache/localhost/0 to back up /unraidBackup
Options: [-log backup -storage OneDrive-Unraid -threads 4 -limit-rate 8000 -stats]
2022-05-15 03:00:02.006 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to /unraidBackup
2022-05-15 03:00:02.006 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to one://Tower/Duplicacy/Unraid
2022-05-15 03:00:13.677 INFO BACKUP_START Last backup at revision 285 found
2022-05-15 03:00:13.677 INFO BACKUP_INDEXING Indexing /unraidBackup
2022-05-15 03:00:13.677 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Parsing filter file /cache/localhost/0/.duplicacy/filters
2022-05-15 03:00:13.677 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Loaded 1 include/exclude pattern(s)
2022-05-15 03:00:31.191 INFO BACKUP_THREADS Use 4 uploading threads
2022-05-15 04:50:59.150 INFO ONEDRIVE_RETRY Response code: 500; retry after 568 milliseconds

Code 500: 500 Internal Server Error - HTTP | MDN

OneDrive really does not tolerate abuse like this (using OneDrive as S3 replacement, let alone multithreaded).

Reduce number of threads to 1, reliability will improve.

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