Duplicacy licence - moving from server A to server B


I have general question about the license. I’ve read the following page Buy. However, it is not clear if I can tranfser my Personal License between servers.

If I use my license on server A and it breaks down (worst case scenario) can I use my license on my (new) server B.

tldr; can I tranfer my license from machine A to machine B

Yes. Log in to your duplicacy account here Log in required and click on a hostname associated with the license to change it. Then you will be able to activate that license on that other host

Alright! Thank you for your quick reply. I do not have duplicacy yet because this question still was unanswered. Will this also work with your docker container?

Yes, there is nothing special about the container.

Note, since the hostname is a factor in license activation (along with machine-id, which container already persists in the config folder) you should be passing fixed hostname when configuring container — and if so, the problem won’t exist in the first place.

On the separate note — Duplicacy does not really benefit from containerization, it’s already self-contained monolithic executable and can be run directly on most systems. I guess updates and deployment are simplified but that’s pretty much it.