Duplicacy licensing questions


Hello Duplicacy, i have question regarding buying a license. I have no problems purchasing a license as the software is better then alternatives i have tried. However: What happens if after a year for some reason this project is abandoned or the site is down etc?

then my backup can suddenly not continue? Is there a solution/contingency for this in place?


The source code of the CLI version is publicly available at https://github.com/gilbertchen/duplicacy. So at least you’ll still have access to the the source code if anything happens to Duplicacy.


Can’t i simply pay for say 4 years now instead of just a single year?


Of course, on the purchase page there are options for 1 to 5 years.


And are those licenses saved locally or do they check a server? If a server for verification, what if it cannot contact that server?


Furthermore, if i purchase, do i just purchase one, for one computer, and then can immediatly click on “renew existing licenses”? The limit is 5 years?


The license will be downloaded from our license server when it is being activated. If the machine does not have an internet connection you can set up a proxy server for it to connect to our license server.

And yes, after the purchase of a new license you can immediately renew it to extend the license period by 1 to 5 years, and you can renew it multiple times if you want.


Thank you. And when it is activated and validated, does it then no longer need connection to the license server?


Can you convert a personal license to commercial license?


@borgqueenx Duplicacy needs to contact the license server occasionally so it is recommended to have the proxy server running all the time.

@broots82 yes, just email me at duplicacy-support@acrosync.com and I’ll do the conversion manually.


And what happens if that server goes down for whatever reason? Can the service then no longer be used?


There is a grace period of 7 days, so Duplicacy will stop running only if our license server has been down for more than 7 days, which is highly unlikely – the server is hosted by Google App Engine and we haven’t noticed any down time since it went online more than a year ago.


The point of backups is to make them secure and reliable. I think you could then use some work on the licensing part, to make it not require re-activation from a server.