Duplicacy never completes

I have Duplicacy set to upload my back up to Google Drive. It never completes because it runs out of drive space on my laptop! I told it to use my other drive, nope… it still uses /home/hellomiakoda/Duplicacy/chunks Which will never have enough drive space for this. I’m about ready to demand my money back as this software has proven itself useless. It’s supposed to back things up. Instead, it just creates chunks on the wrong drive, and tries to cram all my back up there, instead of sending it off site like I told it to. I’d appreciate any help I can get here, as I’d like to use this software

That means you told it to use the local directory /home/hellomiakoda/Duplicacy/ as the backup storage location (seemingly on accident) – not Google Drive. During a backup, the chunks folder should only ever exist in the storage you specified in the init command; this isn’t stored on the local machine – even during backup.

What commands did you use to initialize the storage when trying to use Google Drive?

When using Google Drive as a storage, it needs to be specified using a token from Google and the correct init command: Google Drive storage backend

I use the web interface. I got the token and all that

Then can u give us a print screen of the google drive storage page?

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How are you trying to backup to that storage from the web interface?

  1. Are you running it manually or as part of a schedule? Please take a screenshot from the Backup tab if running it manually or a screenshot from the Schedule tab if running on a schedule.

  2. Post the first four or so lines from from the relevant log (from clicking on the backup or schedule status). It should look something like this:

Running backup command from /root/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/9 to back up /tank/documents/
Options: [-log backup -storage gsuite -threads 4 -limit-rate 8000 -stats]
2019-10-03 01:01:47.003 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to /tank/documents/
2019-10-03 01:01:47.003 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to gcd://backup/duplicacy