Duplicacy not in any Linux repositories?


I was wandering around the Arch Wiki and Duplicacy wasn’t listed. So i checked pacman and the AUR and Duplicacy isn’t in either. So i wondered if it was in the Ubuntu repositories - and it doesn’t look like it.

Is this because the license, or some other reason? It struck me that it might be more popular if it were available in the distro repositories (at least the big ones: Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSe).

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The license could be an issue – I’m hesitant to distribute Duplicacy in those channels where users would normally expect completely free software. But I’m also uncertain how much work it would require.

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I haven’t yet gotten it included in the AUR, but I do have a basic PKGBUILD and related systemd unit file for Arch up on GitHub.

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It used to be the case that people could buy software through the Ubuntu Software Centre, but no more i think. Perhaps without the shop, the license isn’t cool either. I don’t know.

I guess the main advantage of being in a repo is people can search for backup and see the choices, it could lead to sales. Another advantage is the updates. How do we update Duplicacy atm (i’m still just mucking around with it)? The only way i can see is to wget/manually grab the file and put it where it belongs.

I’ve no idea whats involved though.

@BobertMcBob looks primed to add his PKGBUILD to the AUR :slight_smile:

People would assume it can be used without a license as CLI doesn’t check for any licenses. If the package is going to be placed in any repositories, perhaps a small warning should be output when invoking the command, so people realize they need a license.

For personal use free use of the CLI is ok. So yeah, it just needs to stipulate the license terms.

Perhaps, say something along the line of ‘It’s free for personal use but for commercial use, a license is required’ when the command is run but provide something like ‘–personal’ flag to suppress it.
Adopting more users should be beneficial I think.

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Another possible solution would be when running init to show a message about the licence, along with the link to :d: website. This should be just a one-liner thingy though.
Is this minimalist enough?

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Would be also great to see duplicacy in Opensuse repos.