Duplicacy (running in docker) cannot see zfs pool?

I have been a happy user of Duplicacy for years and have been using the ‘saspus/duplicacy-web:mini’ docker container for quite some time. I have migrated all my data to a zfs pool. However, now the Duplicacy container cannot see the zpool.

I have the zpool mounted, and then volume mapped to a docker volume. I have set the zpool’s ownership to root, and then also to my user, with chown.

With the following compose file, the Duplicacy web UI can “see” all the files and folders inside /home. It lists /zpool, but it is an empty folder.

        container_name: duplicacy-web-docker-container
        hostname: host
            - '3875:3875/tcp'
            - USR_ID=0
            - GRP_ID=0
            - DUPLICACY_WEB_VERSION=Stable
            - /opt/docker/duplicacy/config:/config # necessary volumes for dplicacy
            - /opt/docker/duplicacy/logs:/logs
            - /opt/docker/duplicacy/cache:/cache
            - /opt/docker/duplicacy/backuproot/:/backuproot:ro
            - /zpool:/zpool 
            - /home:/home
        image: 'saspus/duplicacy-web:mini'
        restart: unless-stopped

Try binding to a specific dataset, not the root of the pool. It is likely docker issue creating mount points on pool. Is this TrueNAS Scale?

Hi saspus! Thanks. That did the trick. For some reason that wasn’t working the other day, but I edited the compose file and restarted the container and it can see the files now.

For the record, I did /zpool/main:/zpool/main instead of /zpool:/zpool and now it’s working.