Duplicacy "set" B2 password. Still being asked when running "backup"

I’ve got Duplicacy running on my Windows servers using the GUI (love it btw, will be buying several licenses soon!).

On Linux, I used the “set” command to set the B2 account ID and password. I see the entry in the .duplicacy/preferences file. However, when I run “duplicacy backup”, I get prompted for the password.

“name”: “default”,
“id”: “”,
“storage”: “b2://”,
“encrypted”: false,
“no_backup”: false,
“no_restore”: false,
“no_save_password”: false,
“keys”: {
“123412412341242141234”: “12342141241241241241234123412341234124123”

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out. As currently written, the wiki documentation is slightly confusing. You have to scroll over in the “Managing Passwords” table to see the preference key names.

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