Duplicacy should send email if licensing is expired

It would be great if Duplicacy could send an email (akin to a “BACKUP FAIL” type of email) stating that licensing for this server has expired. Otherwise, the only way you’d know to renew licensing is by checking your customer page or by manually starting the GUI and receiving the warning.


That email should be sent at least a week before the actual expiration date!

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Absolutely! If the user still hasn’t renewed licensing and it expires, the “backup fail” email should fire off stating that Licensing has expired.

@gchen What is the status of this feature request?

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This has been implemented a long time ago and normally an email reminder will be sent a few days before the license expires. However, I just discovered that the cron job on the license server stopped working a couple of weeks ago. It has been fixed, and reminders are now being sent out as usual.

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Oh, good to hear that it was just a glitch. Thanks for fixing!