Duplicacy was aborted - Nothing Obvious in Logs


I’'m running into an issue that I can’t work out due to the poor logging in the file.

I’m trying to backup a Videos mount to Google Drive but it keeps aborting. This is reasonably new but I can’t pinpoint an exact date.

Running backup command from /home/anthony/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/10 to back up /mnt/videos
Options: [-log backup -storage GoogleDrive -threads 10 -stats]
2020-12-28 07:50:30.523 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to /mnt/videos
2020-12-28 07:50:30.523 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to gcd://Duplicacy
2020-12-28 07:50:37.808 INFO BACKUP_START Last backup at revision 185 found
2020-12-28 07:50:37.808 INFO BACKUP_INDEXING Indexing /mnt/videos
2020-12-28 07:50:37.808 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Parsing filter file /home/anthony/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/10/.duplicacy/filters
2020-12-28 07:50:37.808 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Loaded 7 include/exclude pattern(s)
2020-12-28 07:50:50.224 INFO BACKUP_THREADS Use 10 uploading threads
Duplicacy was aborted

Any ideas on how to diagnose?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The CLI process got killed. You can check the log file /home/anthony/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log for error messages.

2020/12/29 03:00:01 Starting schedule GoogleDrive at scheduled time 2020-1229 03:00
2020/12/29 03:00:01 Schedule GoogleDrive max run time: 7200 seconds
2020/12/29 03:00:01 Created log file /home/anthony/.duplicacy-web/logs/backup-20201229-030001.log
2020/12/29 03:00:01 Running /home/anthony/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_linux_x64_2.7.2 [-log backup -storage GoogleDrive -threads 10 -stats]
2020/12/29 03:00:01 Set current working directory to /home/anthony/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/10
2020/12/29 05:00:02 Stopped schedule GoogleDrive due to max run time exceeded

The runtime was exceeded.

I will extend that then.

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