Duplicacy-web: add and copy to local storage from remote

I’ve been using duplicacy-web to backup my local home directory nightly to an encrypted storage in Backblaze B2 for long-term retention. I’m thinking it would be useful to additionally start keeping a local copy of my most recent backups (on a 2nd hard disk) for quicker recovery. Would the following be the correct approach?

  1. add a storage to the current repository (should I -encrypt with the same password? Make it -bit-identical and/or use the -copy flag?)
  2. copy the most recent x snapshots -from the b2 storage -to the local storage
  3. point future backup jobs -to the local storage
  4. copy the latest revision -from the local storage -to the B2 storage after each subsequent backup (how would I specify only the latest, or is this even necessary if the remote storage already contains copies of all but the most recent revision?)

Finally, is it possible to do all this with duplicacy-web?


  1. Yes, add the storage. Password can be different, bit-identical not necessary, but he storage needs to be copy-compatible to original one.
  2. I suggest to copy ALL revisions (that’s what I did), but it might work with copying the latest.
  3. If you copied all revisions in step 2, there’s no issue here, but even if you didn’t, you wouldn’t need to specify a revision, it would just copy all that don’t exist yet at the destination (which would be the latest).

I’ll let others come in on whether you can get away with just copying the latest revision in step 2.

Yes, this is all possible via the web interface by creating one or more jobs with the appropriate steps and then modifying the options as needed. I did it myself.