Duplicacy Web add storage and CLI restore to question


I have two questions:

On server A “serverA” I am backing up to a b2 storage: b2://my-backup-repo.

On server B, I would like to add storage b2://my-backup-repo and restore some files. To do that I go to Storage add new storage, fill up details, choose the repository and I get this:

Can I set any name for it, files and backup will be untouched?

My other question is: in CLI version it is possible to restore a file under another name (or restore to other directory)? I don’t want to overwrite original file.

You can use any name, but it is probably better to use the same storage name as server A.

You can’t restore a file under a different name, but you can initialize a new repository in a different directory and run a restore from there. See the guide here: Restore to a different folder or computer

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