Duplicacy Web CLI version

I use a Duplicacy Web docker image, and I was wondering how it grabs the CLI version. I have it set to grab the latest version, not stable, but it still only grabs 3.0.1 despite 3.1.0 being released ( CLI release 3.1.0 is now available - Announcement - Duplicacy Forum). I’ve tried deleting the binary and recreating the container, but it only grabs 3.0.1, and if I swap to Stable, it will grab something far older.

I am curious when Latest becomes available in the Web version because the newest CLI version has some new commands that I wanted to add to my schedule.

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You can download CLI 3.1.0 from github and place it under ~/.duplicacy-web/bin and restart the web GUI. For docker the directory is /config/bin.

I haven’t updated https://duplicacy.com/latest_cli_version to return 3.1.0 as the latest version.

This worked, thanks!

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