Duplicacy Web + Docker: Add SUP_GROUP_IDS

Hi there,

I recently started using Duplicacy as a replacement for Crashplan Pro, which I was a long, long time user. So far, it’s looking excellent! Thanks so much

I noticed I was missing a feature I was getting via the Crashplan Docker image I had been using - supporting for giving the container access to “supplementary” groups; unfortunately I have a lot of files in my home folder which belong to groups other than my main group (1000). The Crashplan docker container has support for passing a list of groups as an env var. It’ll then create those groups in the container and add the backup user, giving access to those files quite conveniently.

An example of this is provided here: docker-baseimage/10-init-users.sh at master · jlesage/docker-baseimage · GitHub. Note use of the SUP_GROUP_IDS env var

I’ve more or less cloned this in my own container for now by overriding lauch.sh. All works well by copying the majority of that implementation.

Therefore, I’m writing to suggest that it would be a handy feature to upstream something like this for the Docker container.


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Interesting idea.

There is no official duplicacy docker container, but I’ll implement this in mine. Seems straightforward enough.

Cool! Glad to be of help

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