Duplicacy Web Edition 1.5.0 is now available

My certificate was due for renewal today and Duplicacy Web didn’t pick up the change until I restarted the web service. I can add that as a task for the post-deploy process, but then I would still need to enter the password to unlock and allow the scheduled tasks to run. Ideally, DW would periodically check the cert and reload it as necessary.

I’ll start a new feature request thread.

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Thank you for adding the external certificate support!

For anyone else having trouble with getting up and running with an external cert:

  • Ensure you have ~/.duplicacy-web/certs with rwx (700) permissions on the folder for the account running web
  • As noted, you need domain.crt and domain.key files, where domain is your FQDN (ex backupserver.example.com), both files should have rw permission on then (600)
  • Change the listening port and domain in the settings
  • If duplicacy-web wont start and youre trying to use port 443, edit the systemd service file to include the below line under [Service], this will allow it to bind to a privileged port. Or use 8443.

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