[Duplicacy Web Edition] official Unraid support

Recently I installed Unraid on a new computer and have been playing with it for a while. I like it a lot – the best part is that it doubles as a storage server and a virtualization server. It will likely replace one of my NAS boxes and an ESXi host.

It appears that there are many Unraid users here, and there were several requests asking for official Unraid support. With first hand experience I’m now confident that I can provide official support if you run into any issues or have any questions about running Duplicacy on Unraid.

Many thanks to @saspus for creating and maintaining the duplicacy-web docker, and the person I don’t know who got it into the Unraid community applications.

To install the web GUI on Unraid, go to Apps on the Unraid web page and search for Duplicacy (you need to first install the community applications plugin if you haven’t done so).


that’s awesome news gchen, unraid is great. Quick petty question, my Duplicacy docker has no icon, it is more of an annoyance than anything, is that fixable, it’s the only docker that does that?

Switch to advanced view and check if the url to the icon is correct:


Can you open this png file on your browser?

If refreshing the page doesn’t fix it, there is more info from this discussion: Docker icons missing - Docker Engine - Unraid

Specifically, try to open the icon file under /config/plugins/dockerMan/images and remove it if the file is incomplete or corrupted.

that was the link in the icon field. also, i could open that link in my browser and see the icon. I deleted the file from the /dockerMan/images folder, restarted the docker and it still shows a question mark. I will do a little more reading on it. Also, going to try a reboot but just preclearing an 8tb drive and i can’t interrupt.

just rebooted and it didn’t work, hmm…

I found the icon file is at /var/lib/docker/unraid/images/saspus-duplicacy-web-latest-icon.png.

Do you have this file and is it identical to the one downloaded from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/selfhosters/unRAID-CA-templates/master/templates/img/duplicacy.png?

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