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I’m having some challenges with applying the filters file using Duplicacy Web on MacOs. I have added my filters to the following file: .duplicacy-web/repositories/ComputerName/0/.duplicacy/filters.

Duplicacy successfully parses the file the first time I run the backup job after adding the file, but the file is then deleted by Duplicacy. The next time I run the job, the filters file is gone.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The repositories directory is temporary. Nothing is expected to survive here.

Filters shall be specified in the webui.

A good approach (because filters edition in webui is unwieldy) is to have filters specified in a separate text file somewhere in ~/Documents or other location that is being backed up and reference that file in webui filters edit box. E.g.:

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Much appreciated, @saspus! I searched all over the “Schedule” tab to figure out where to specify this and finally found the settings under “Backup”. Thank you so much for helping out on this, and for your lightning-fast reply.

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