Duplicacy Web Scheduler Not Working

I’ve purchased Duplicacy web for 2 laptops and I’ve finally got the scheduled backups to work (btw - include prevents anything working so I’ve had to create backups for each individual subfolder; which was ok).

However, now the scheduler isn’t working - it isn’t running at the time set 10:00am this morning - the previous backup was run manually yesterday. I tried to create a new one but couldn’t turn off/delete the previous one.

I understand the CLI is fully featured but I don’t think the GUI is stable enough to charge for at this point. I’d like to request a refund please. I’m running Chrome on OS X.

It just continually says its running even though all the components are completed - perhaps this is the issue? hope this helps you develop in future

This is likely due to a race condition in keeping track of the number of parallel jobs in progress. This will be fixed in the next update.

I’ll process the refund for you.