Edit Storage or Backup in Web-UI

How can i change something in a Storage-Config? There is only a Delte but no Edit Button?
For Example when something changed (username, password, protocol, …) in my Storage Config.
Or when something changed in the Backup Job, for example the Directory name has changed or moved or the Storage Directory is moved.

You can always delete the storage and recreate a new one with the same name. This wouldn’t affect backup or other jobs as the storage is referenced by name only.

Does this also apply to the backups?

And what happens if I change the name?

Or can I change everything as I like if I do it directly in the “duplicacy.json” file?


Objects, like schedules, that reference the old name will stop working. Why woudl you need to change the name?

You can change some things there, but things like credentials are encrypted.

I just wanted to know if it works in principle.

It would be nice if you could change all the things which can be changed, directly in the GUI.

What happens when i change the:

“id” or “path” in duplicacy.json” file?

I ask because i want to reorganize my folder structure and have to change the “path” for it.
And i named the “id” similar as the “path”, so it would be nice to change it both.

Does that have any effects on the existing repo/backup?