Empty folders are not backed up? GUI version

Duplicacy Personal 2.1.0 on Windows 10

Empty folders are not backed up?
I cannot find them in the Restore function.
(I see for the CLI version on github this has come up and was fixed? But it does not work with the GUI.)

Empty folders are backed up. They are not shown, however, by the restore dialog in the GUI version or the duplicacy list -files command. When you restore a parent folder, empty subfolders will be restored.

That helps some. Of course, if you have deleted it accidentally on your computer, and you can’t find it on the backup, that might make it hard to find which parent folder to restore. So it requires a darn good memory!

Can this be fixed please? This is a bit misleading…

This is because the web GUI runs the list -files command which doesn’t list directories. I’ll fix this when reworking the restore flow (that is, to store all snapshots in a local database).

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Resurrecting this old thread. It seems also that in the logs for Duplicacy web edition there is no info about the backup of the empty dirs. Is this intended this way?

Duplicacy web edition is just a front end for duplicacy CLI.

Yep, but here it was said that empty dirs were not displayed in the web ui restore tab and list command. I was adding that there is no track of the backup of the empty dirs in the logs for the backup that the web ui sends.

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Indeed, it looks duplicacy avoids any mention about folders both during backup and restore. Even when it correctly backs up and restores them :slight_smile: Looks like logging bug; it only logs what it packs, as opposed to what it processes.

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I should have added a log message when restoring each directory. I’ll do that for the next CLI release.

Could be possible to also log the backup of the empty dirs in the backup log for the cli/web ui?