Encryption for storj without 'duplicacy init -e'

I am new to duplicacy and have chosen storj as my storage backend.

I have seen Here is an article I wrote for using the CLI to backup to Storj Cloud (beta, re-writing sections) which says that you don’t need to use duplicacy init -e when backing up to storj as this would effectively be using two levels of encryption.

I would like to make sure of my understanding here: when backing up to storj via duplicacy, am I correct that duplicacy will encrypt the data at the client side before sending it, so it would never leave your local machine unencrypted? I think this would need to be the case but just wanted to check.

Thanks for any help.

Yes. When you use storj native integration encryption happens on your machine by the storj uplink library.

If you use s3 storj integration, then encryption happens on storj gateway.

But there is nothing wrong in using duplicacy encryption anyway. So what that the data gets encrypted twice? Modern processors do it fast.

Thanks for the speedy and helpful response!

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