Encryption header damaged/missing


After my latest backup copying from my local to my offsite storage failed with the error “Failed to decrypt the chunk : The storage doesn’t seem to be encrypted”. Both the local and offsite storage are encrypted.
After further inspection I found out that the chunk was added during the latest backup to my local storage, so I could “fix” the error by pruning the latest revision on my local storage and repeating the backup and copy operations.
I would however like to find out how this could happen. Does anybody have an idea what could have caused this? And would there have been a fix which doesn’t involve deleting the whole last revision?


What is the first 9 bytes of that chunk file? It has to be duplicacy for the file to be considered a valid chunk file.


Unfortunately I can’t check that anymore, because I pruned the latest backup and the failing chunk was deleted


Don’t you have a “trash” or “deleted” folder in the webui of your storage provider?


It didn‘t get uploaded to my online storage provider because of the error and did get deleted on my local backup drive by pruning the latest revision