Enter license activation code on settings page

I find it very counter intuitive that in order to enter my license key, I have to click on “Backup”, then on “Trial” (or “unlicensed”). :dizzy_face:

Wouldn’t it make sense to at least also make that modal accessible from the settings page?


This is because I have a plan to support additional computers on the Backup page and each computer will have its own license.

I suspected that you do have some reason, but I’d still say that all licenses should at least also be accessible from the settings page.


Nonintuitive hardly scratches the surface for this bug. If google hadn’t discovered this forum post it’s unlikely I would have ever figured it out on my own. There should at least be a note on the settings page telling people where to enter their code. Since that’s where anyone with any experience with computers is going to be looking to enter it.


Just coming here from late 2022 to say the same thing, I couldn’t figure out at all where to enter my renewed license key for four days without backups, lol. Finally had to google how to do it.

I’ve also had the same issue. I bought a license and added it some time ago (after I found this thread), but I was recently trying to jog my memory on how to do this & had to track the thread down again.

If the web UI isn’t going to be updated to include the license option in the settings page (rather than a very small button on one corner of the backup page), then at least the main website should be updated to specifically confirm how to add the license. As it stands, the below quote seems to be the most information it provides on the matter:

" How do I receive my purchased GUI/CLI licenses?

After placing the order, you will receive a number of License Activation Codes. For GUI licenses, you can then enter one license activation code in the activation dialog for each computer. Duplicacy will then download the license from our license server and save it to the registry on Windows or the user defaults on Mac."