Erasing all stored passwords?

I am playing around with the CLI a bit.

I understand that if -background is specified, duplicacy attempts to retrieve passwords from various places.

I actually wish to delete all the data stored in my STORAGE and the .duplicacy in my REPOSITORY and start over.

How do I get duplicacy to not try any stored passwords? I want to start afresh with new passwords and everything.

Does this question make sense?


On macOS all passwords are saved in the Keychain so you just need to remove all password items with the name duplicacy in KeyChain Access. On Windows the passwords are saved in the encrypted file keyring under .duplicacy and you can simply remove this file.

This of course assumes that you don’t set any environment variables or put them in the .duplicacy/preferences file. If you do, just unset them or remove the .duplicacy/preferences file.

However, if your purpose is to start over with clean storages then there isn’t really a need to do this. Every time you initialize a new storage or connect a new repository to an existing storage, Duplicacy will always ask for passwords and new passwords will always overwrite old ones.