Erasure Coding Enhanchment: Passwordless Chunk Validation


erasure-coding gives lot’s of opportunities for new features.

It would be great to validate the chunks in an duplicacy archive for data integrity
without giving a password for an encrypted storage. Imagine a scenario where an encrypted storage is temporarily located on a device where it is not safe to hold passwords, but the storage data integrity should still be validated from time to time (protecting against ransomware etc).

This could be possible with duplicacy erasure encoding, since the parity shards and other metainformation are not encrypted data in the chunk-files, as i understand.

Is such a feature planned in the next months?

Another thing I want to do is to expose the list of referenced chunks in each snapshot to be unencrypted, so that you can detect missing chunks without knowing the password.

In terms of planning, however, I don’t have a timeline for these features because I don’t know how many of you would really want them.