Erasure Coding for Dummies?

Hello, I’ve been away for a bit but stopped back in and noticed the new feature called Erasure Coding.

I think this is something I am going to like… but I haven’t seen a sort of “basic” explanation of the feature. Can someone provide that? Is it basially parity applied to the chunks?

And is the best way to enable it then to delete all my data, create a new storage with it enabed, and re-upload? That is fine… just want to know a bit more.


This post on Backblaze’s blog explains Erasure Coding really well: Erasure Coding: Backblaze Open Sources Reed-Solomon Code

You can create a new storage with Erasure Coding enabled and then copy old backups over. No need to delete data first and I would not suggest it.

So you might remember @gchen our discussion some time ago about having some way to verify data integrity on the server/nas side. You had some ideas how to implement this but I think maybe had second thoughts at some point. I guess this Erasure Coding sort of goes a bit in this direction right…? Putting some redundancy on the server side.

So can we “check” the data consistency somehow then without re-downloading all the chunks or is that not available?