Error popups when network is not connected



A suggestion for a future revision, if I may: please disable error popups when Duplicacy can’t backup because the network is not connected. As it is, these keep coming back every hour here…

Update: since I’m on a Mac, perhaps a more flexible option would be to report via the Notification Manager, then all such popups will be under user control.


This makes sense. I’ll do this for the next GUI version.


Another point here would be when running from a laptop and backing up to a NAS on a home LAN. When I am not at home, the backup will fail to connect over SFTP to the home LAN. Again it would be good to not get continual GUI errors in this case.


Has this been implemented?


It’s not in 2.1.0 - I still get these errors and need to manually stop/start the Duplicacy GUI.


I’ll check how much work it needs to switch to the Notification Manager. If not much then I’ll try to get it into 2.1.1. Otherwise, the new web-based GUI should not have this issue.