ERROR SNAPSHOT_CHECK: file has a size of X but the total size of chunks is Y

I’m getting this error every time I run a job:

=> 2020-12-23 12:16:44.306 ERROR SNAPSHOT_CHECK The snapshot donald at revision 788 contains an error: The file users/fbrev/anaconda3/pkgs/xlwt-1.3.0-py38_0/Lib/site-packages/xlwt/ has a size of 28831 but the total size of chunks is 28839

The check command says this snapshot is ok:
2020-12-23 12:23:13.405 INFO SNAPSHOT_CHECK All chunks referenced by snapshot donald at revision 788 exist

How can I fix this?


This error means that according to the chunk offset fields should be 28839 but the size field is 28831.

I don’t know what could cause this discrepancy. It may be a bug, but considering the difference is 8 a bit flip is possible too.

To fix it, manually delete the file snapshots/donald/788 from the storage and run a backup again. You may need to run duplicacy prune -exhaustive -exclusive while no backup is running to remove unreferenced chunks caused by manual deletion of this revision file.

Thank you. I did as you instructed and it fixed the problem.

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