Exclude from restore - or backup

I’m attempting to backup a NAS, and do test restores to Windows. The NAS seems to have a ton of auto-folders with colons in them. What is the best method to tell duplicacy to exclude any file or folder with these characters?

I’m attempting to add an option in the web restore to just exclude a certain folder and can’t get that to work, so ELI5!

When you restore you can provide a filter to exclude files containing column.

The question is why are you backing up those files in the first place or how come they are being created with a column in the name? Maybe they are not supposed to be backed up?

They definitely don’t need backed up, and I need to work on the exclusion for the backups. Trying to get the test restore functional though, and need to exclude there as well. Call me an idiot, but I just can’t get an exclude filter to work.

Are you saying that -*:* doesn’t work? If it doesn’t, I’d try something like e:.*:.* or e:.*\:.*.

Or maybe an include pattern that matches everything but a column:


This will match any string from the beginning to the end that only consists of characters other than column


  • i: — include regex
  • ^ — match beginning of the string
  • [^:] — match any character other than :
  • + — … repeated 1 or more times
  • $ — match the end of the string.