Exclusions using StdExclusions.plist and com_apple_backup_excludeItem metadata in duplicacy?



I have been setting up duplicacy in a switch over from crashplan and have been looking around trying to figure out what exclusions etc. to put in place on macos when I came across this:

It appears there is an apple generated list of exclusions for time capsule but they also have a metadata tag that developers can apply that will automatically exclude things that don’t need to be backed up.

Is there any way to have this piped into duplicacy automatically? I would just go through and copy paste it into duplicacy exclude file but it would be nice if metadata exclusions would automatically be excluded when apps tag things as to be excluded.


There’s a PR on the github repo from September 2018 to exclude items based on com.apple.metadata:com_apple_backup_excludeItem, but it hasn’t been merged (yet).


And, related feature request for reference, because I can’t figure out how to link topics (on mobile) Honoring com_apple_backup_excludeItem on MacOS

On a separate note, stdexcludions plist is not used anymore, it seems to be a relict or olden days, left there for perhaps backwards compatibility ( you can verify it by adding something there and observing how it does not have any effect on anything).


I had not realized this. Thanks for the info. I guess that was in place before they implemented the metadata route. Which seems like a preferable method.