Expired/Invalid license - Activation code already assigned

Running saspus/duplicacy docker image on my Synology. Noted that backups had fails for “Invlaid license”:

Log into website and license is vald until 2026. (Not sure why it says expired in the first place)

Clicked the Expired link on the backup page and entered my activation code. Now I get this error

“Failed to download the license: License error: Activation code has already been assigned to host duplicacy-web-docker-instance. Please log in to your Duplicacy customer page to change the host”

What am I supposed to change the host to in order for this to activate?

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I have seen the same issue on macOS version of the Duplicacy Web; it would stop due to expired license even though the license was valid. I had to re-register it and did not really look into since.

gchen suggested to have a look in logs/duplicacy_web.log for any issues related to licensing.

Could it be possible that your container name (which doubles as a hostname) has changed?

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Container name has not changed.

Error in the log file is “:2020/09/14 15:33:27 Failed to get the value from the keyring: keyring/dbus: Error connecting to dbus session, not registering SecretService provider: dbus: DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS not set
2020/09/14 15:33:27 Temporary directory set to /cache”

Container name is and always has been duplicacy-web
On license page host was duplicacy-web-docker-instance

I changed the license page to match the container and it worked.

It is the host name you pass to the docker that changed. The default is duplicacy-web-docker-instance if you use the docker file from Docker Hub.

This is unrelated. It only means the keyring isn’t set up and Duplicacy can’t find the master password from the keyring.


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