Extremely slow restore operation from Azure

I setup store my storage in Microsoft Azure (Performance/Access Tier = Standard/Hot). I then copied a backup from local storage to Azure and I was able to get ~ 17MB/sec upload speed. Just to validate if my data is intact, I am trying to restore and am getting only 1.6MB/sec resulting in estimated download complete time to be ~4.5 days

When I ran the benchmarking - I am getting much better results - what could be the problem here?

> Generating 256.00M byte random data in memory
> Writing random data to local disk
> Wrote 256.00M bytes in 0.54s: 477.85M/s
> Reading the random data from local disk
> Read 256.00M bytes in 0.08s: 3368.68M/s
> Split 256.00M bytes into 52 chunks without compression/encryption in 1.58s: 162.27M/s
> Split 256.00M bytes into 52 chunks with compression but without encryption in 1.94s: 132.20M/s
> Split 256.00M bytes into 52 chunks with compression and encryption in 2.05s: 124.99M/s
> Generating 64 chunks
> Uploaded 256.00M bytes in 70.47s: 3.63M/s
> Downloaded 256.00M bytes in 63.31s: 4.04M/s
> Deleted 64 temporary files from the storage

Are both commands (backup and restore) using the same number of threads?

I didn’t set any threads option explicitly, so unless the commands have different defaults, they should be using same thread count.

I just restarted restore operation with “-threads 10” and the download speed seems to have gone up slightly to 3.5 MB/s - but still way slower than what I was expecting :frowning:

I was going to point you to the topic below but I just noticed that you already found it…

Yeah - increasing the # of threads wasn’t too successful and resulted in timeout errors.

Now I am back to 1 thread and download speed went back to ~1.7 MBps - which is very disheartening :frowning: