Failed Backup Check

I‘m seeing this error in the log from a scheduled Backup Check
ERROR DOWNLOAD_DECRYPT Failed to decrypt the file snapshots/duplicacy_Homes_BU/1: cipher: message authentication failed
As a noob I‘m clearly doing something wrong setting up the check. Looks like I need to provide the encryption key but how do I do that?
Any help is highly appreciated

This message means the file snapshots/duplicacy_Homes_BU/1 is corrupted. Which storage backend are you using?

Thank you for your help!
It’s on Backblaze from a DS1819+
How can I correct this?

Most cloud storages are quite reliable so it is unlikely that the file gets corrupted. It should be something else.

To fix it, manually delete the file snapshots/duplicacy_Homes_BU/1 from the storage and run a backup again. You may need to run duplicacy prune -exhaustive -exclusive while no backup is running to remove unreferenced chunks caused by manual deletion of this revision file.

Thank you, I’ll try that

Sorry, another question. I am trying to run the command via ssh on the Diskstation but get an error saying the command isn’t found (either sh or bash). From where do I run the command?

After deleting snapshots/duplicacy_Homes_BU/1 I ran a check again and now it finished without errors.