Failed to load files specified in the snapshot

I’m using the CLI version, and have noticed that my backup is now giving an error:

Failed to load files specified in the snapshot backup-kharik at revision 329: invalid character ‘\x00’ after object key:value pair

I tried deleting my local cache, but it didn’t help. I was previously using CLI version 2.2.3, but after updating to 2.7.2 I get the same result.

Running “duplicacy check” gives no errors, even for the last snapshot (329) that the error message mentions. I’m currently running “duplicacy check -chunks” but that won’t finish for several hours yet.

What does the error message mean? Is there something locally causing it that I can remove or correct?

Edit: I’m running this on Linux (x64) if that matters.

Does duplicacy cat -r 329 report any error?

Thanks for the reply. For now, I got around the issue by pruning the snapshot (prune -r 329 -exhaustive -exclusive). After that, backup successfully created a new snapshot.