Failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage

Yes, this is another failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage thread. I searched and found similar threads, but none that fit my specific situation.

I got a new PC (WIndows 10), installed Web-UI and transferred my Web-UI setup from the old to the new PC. Briefly, I did it like this: First I changed the Host name on the Duplicacy licenses page to the new PC name. Then I installed Web-UI on the new PC from scratch. I installed as administrator and installed the service, same as I had done on the old PC. Then I deleted the entire C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web folder on the new PC, and copied over this same folder from the old PC. Upon starting Duplicacy, I had to enter the Activation Code and the Master Password. After that, everything just worked, since I had not changed any of the paths to my repositories, nor did I change any of the names on the storage.

But I noticed some of the backups on my new PC were failing, seemingly randomly. Here’s a pic:

I have other PCs here home, which back up to the same storage. I just checked two of them and they show zero failures in this same time period.

The log when the backup fails is the same every time, like this:

Running backup command from C:\ProgramData/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/1 to back up D:/Documents
Options: [-log backup -storage [redacted] -vss -threads 4 -stats]
2021-09-18 10:07:11.214 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to D:/Documents
2021-09-18 10:07:11.214 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to b2://[redacted]
2021-09-18 10:07:11.217 ERROR STORAGE_CREATE Failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage at b2://HP13B2: Post dial tcp: lookup no such host
Failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage at b2://[redacted]: Post dial tcp: lookup no such host

Thinking of a possible solution, can there be (or is there already) an option to retry when this type of failure occurs? (I should add that this PC never sleeps; it stays powered up 24/7.)

Looks like DNS failures. Configure DNS on your new computer the same way it was on the old.

Or set it explicitly to, e.g. and see if this fixes the issue.

@Saspus Thanks for replying. My new computer is set up the same as the old. They are both set to “Obtain DNS server address automatically.” Anyway, on my new PC I changed to, and and set the alternate DNS server to (to put all my eggs in the Cloudflare basket). It will take a few hours to see if it helps.

To be fair, if that bucket breaks we are in a much bigger trouble :slight_smile:

If you still are seeing issues with Cloudflare, next step would be to try setting GODEBUG=netdns=go as described here: net package - net -

Coincidentally, someone out there had exact same issue with resolving backblaze and switching to pure go’s resolver helped, according to this comment here:

It appears that changing DNS from automatic to Cloudflare made no difference.

I’m tied up with a work project right now, and I won’t be able to get back to this issue for about a week. I’ll be back!