Failed to Load the Config File exe-config.json - x86 1.4.1

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New Release.

Hi Gchen, seems i cannot launch the 1.4.1 x86 file, i get the following error message "Failed to load the configuration file: open C:\/Duplocacy - Web - Win32 - V1.4.1.exe-config.json: The system cannot find the file specified".

Please see attached for Image:

The file name is case sensitive. If you change Duplicacy to duplicacy it should work. When the file name doesn’t start with duplicacy, the web GUI thinks it is a customized version and therefore looks for a special -config.json file.

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Oh wow, fair enough! my OCD got the better of me!

Thanks Mr Gchen!

But windows Filesystems are historically case-insensitive. Should not Duplicacy do case-insensitive comparison on case insensitive filesystems?


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