Failing to reduce verbosity by -s COPY_PROGRESS option

We try to reduce the output of duplicacy in log fies by using the global option -s COPY_PROGRESS… According to our look into the source code this should suppress lines like

Uploaded chunk 5 size 3137980, 5.19MB/s 00:00:57 9.5%
Uploaded chunk 6 size 5853018, 5.24MB/s 00:00:56 11.2%
Skipped chunk 9 size 2391819, 5.57MB/s 00:00:52 11.9%
Uploaded chunk 7 size 6962665, 5.07MB/s 00:00:56 13.9%

from our command

/usr/local/bin/duplicacy -s LIST_SKIP -s COPY_PROGRESS backup -stats -vss 2>&1 | tee -a $LogFile

Unfortunately it works for the LIST_SKIP but not for the COPY_PROGRESS part. Maybe we misunderstood something peeking into the source?

COPY_PROGRESS is for the copy comand. For backup the log id to exclude should be UPLOAD_PROGRESS. You can run duplicacy -log backup to show the log id field.

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