Failure to read or access file causes whole backup to stop sometimes


I have a issue with duplicacy as a whole it seems.

Sometimes when duplicacy cannot access files, it completely stops the backup process and tries again after the set time, just to get the same error again at the same file. But for alot of files, it simply skips them instead of halting the complete backup.
In this case its a file currently in use by Skype from the appdata folder.
Here is a screenshot.
This little skype file causes the whole backup to stop working. However when checking the log, there are more files not accessable by duplicacy that are simply skipped in that case, wich should happen also for that skype file.

Hope this can be resolved! ^^


That link gave me “500 Internal Server Error”.

An inaccessible file may be simply skipped or abort the backup depending on which function gives the error. If the file can’t be opened, then it will be skipped and added to the can't access list. However, if a file can be correctly opened without an issue, but when Duplicacy tries to read its content it returns an error, then the backup can’t continue before the chunk maker may have already enter an inconsistent state.

A workaround is to exclude that skype file or any other files that may have the similar issues.