Feature Request: Conditional email sending after job completion

Add check boxes (or some means) in the “Send email after completion” dialog to allow “only if errors occur” or “only if successful”.


I was just going to post the same thing.

In the email it already appends the first line of " to storage , status: <Completed/Failed>", so I imagine this wouldn’t be too challenging as it’s already parsing this information.

Additionally, I don’t want the logs in the email, because they are usually too long anyways and get truncated. I want an email when a specific job fails with a link to the log file to examine (assuming you’re using the WebUI).

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Just bumping this up as each email for my hourly job is now >3 MB due to a copy backup that happens…

We very much need a summary email after completion rather than one that appends the complete logs. My logs for a 3.5 TB backup/copy/prune/check are well over 100 MB each (even if the backup didn’t detect any changes) so that’s not too useful to send via email. All I really want in email is a couple of lines of status like the success or failure of each operation and maybe the total number of files/bytes that were processed. If anything failed then I can dig into the logs on the server. Thanks.

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I’d like to see this too as right now the log emails are massive and difficult to parse. It’d be great to have a way to send email overviews like you can with duplicacy-utils, which is how I was doing things previously. That way I can filter out emails that are backup failures and notify myself if there hasn’t been a successful backup in a while.

I’d also be happy with some other way of sending / displaying notifications on failure as my main concern is that I’m notified when my backup system isn’t running properly. Whether that’s through desktop notifications or some other emails.

I would like to support this feature request as well. The e-mail is too large. I only need summary of the backup or notification of when it failed.

Would like to add a vote for this feature request. Coming from Arq, this was a key feature for me and would love to see this incorporated into the GUI.

edit: I’d like to add that I get around this by having a ruleset within my inbox. I ran some tests after having the logs emailed, both with / without failure. Every 30 mins., I get an email (regardless); if the email was successful, it sends the log to the trash. Failure - goes to the inbox. Just a thought in-case someone else came across this.

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I would really like to see a conditional email option. Failure-only emails with links to the corresponding logs would be extremely useful.

Has there been any updates on this? I can’t find anything that would allow me to get failure emails.

Thank you very much

I’m using the Cli version and instead if email use Alertzy
Push messages to my phone, very basic info that can be sent on when backup starts and completes.
No error logs attachement thought.

I stopped by the forum to research this issue specifically. I am curious why there’s been no acknowledgment or feedback from Duplicacy development.

Is this on the product roadmap? Is it a hard no because …?

And insight would be appreciated.