[Feature Request] License Expiration Alerts

It would be great if Duplicacy Web could be configured to send a nagging email reminder about expired licenses every day instead of it silently not running any more. Every summer I notice at some point that my backups haven’t been running for months because my license expired without my noticing. :cry:


Our license server running on Google App Engine does send out an email reminder 7 days before the license becomes expired. The sender address is noreply@duplicacy-portal.appspotmail.com. Maybe that is why you didn’t receive it?

Perhaps, but I found other emails in my mailbox from that address, so I don’t think they’re being blocked or filtered into my junk folder. More likely I just overlooked that specific message in the flood of emails I get each day and accidentally deleted it.

What I had in mind was having my own duplicacy web instance send me an email about an expired license the same way it sends me notification emails at the completion of each schedule execution. Ideally it would send me this license expiration notice every time my jobs were scheduled to run, so that if I miss the first one or forget about it before taking action, I’ll keep getting reminders.