[Feature Request] Remove Menu Bar Item

Please give us the option to remove the menubar item. Other applications like Syncthing have solved this quite elegantly.

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 10.33.39

Does -no-tray-icon flag not work?

Yes that works, if somebody else is wondering how I did, here it is:

  1. Start the App and select “Start at login” in the tray icon
  2. Then open the file “~/Library/LaunchAgents/duplicacy-web.plist” (might not be there if you skip step 1)
  3. Insert <string>-no-tray-icon</string> like this
  4. Restart your computer

I think this can be made easier for the user in a future release. Is there already an easier way?

Speaking from prior work experience in desktop support, I think the current method with the -no-tray-icon flag strikes a good balance between configurability and usability.

It’s there for advanced users who want it, while minimizing the chances that a less experienced user inadvertently disables the tray icon via the GUI, which then gives the appearance that they’ve been “locked out” of the app – i.e., “How do I turn the tray icon back on if I can’t get to the GUI without the tray icon?” And even in instances when a user deliberately disables the tray icon, what happens when the same user wants to re-enable it?

I’ve helped friends switch from CrashPlan and other competing applications to Duplicacy and the first question that comes up is something along the lines of “How do I start it?”. Clicking a tray icon is much more appealing to a typical user compared to opening a web browser and then connecting to (yes, even though it’s basically what happens behind the scenes with the tray icon).