Feature request: restrict allowed backup network interfaces


Idea for a new feature in either the GUI or CLI (preferably both)-- allow restricting which network interfaces are used for backup.

The use case for this idea is that people sometimes tether to their mobile device when away from WiFi, but given the cost and bandwidth limitations of tethering, they might not want to use for backup.

ARQ Backup has a similar feature called “Use Specific Network Interfaces”, referenced on this page: Restricting Network Usage


This is closely related with Duplicacy should not proceed if pre-* scripts fail which is Planned.


Agree, and that’d work. I’d love for the feature to be available via the GUI though because I intend the feature for my daughter’s Mac. But you’re right, I could hack together a solution for my daughter’s Mac that could effectively do this.

BTW, I apologize-- I searched before posting, but didn’t find that post. I’m not sure why-- I search on network, but maybe I need to check a box to search contents as well as subjects or something.