Feature Request: Search Backups for File / See File History

When restoring, a major feature would be the ability to search for a given file in a given storage/ID. Furthermore, showing the file’s actual revision history would be very helpful. Perhaps a powerful but likely complex way to do this would be a view similar to Dropbox, allowing you to search and review historic versions of a file.


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You just did it. What are you wondering?

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This feature would be great to have. Right now in the web ui, if you don’t know where your file was, it could take forever to find it in. Advanced searches could also be useful like sorting by age of the file, regex support, filetype specification. Or possibly a file preview as well to find the right one, audio/video player, image viewer, raw text viewer, based on if it’s a binary vs raw text.


Just wanted to throw in my +1 for this feature.

This is the only reason why I’m still using Arq (7) on several Macs. Today I found that I had deleted a folder at some point that had a file I wanted to review. The file ended up being deleted 3 months ago. I was able to search for a file name, it listed that it was in 5 different snapshots, and from the search results I dragged the file to my desktop and it restored. It took probably 10 seconds to search and restore the file.

Today in Duplicacy this probably would have resulted in 30-40 minutes of hunting through old snapshots. It was a file that was only present for a brief period before I incorrectly deleted it.

That said, thanks for everything that has been accomplished in Duplicacy over the past few years!! It is rock solid and I trust it… I use it on my Linux machines and hope someday I’ll expand it’s use. I just need some help recovering from my own stupidity sometimes :grinning:


Another +1 for a feature that I’m sure everyone wants. This would be great on the web ui.


Yes, that would be great. but it would require an encrypted and synced index.
We could look into something like meilisearch?

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