Feature Request: Telegram Notifications

Telegram has nice url api to send messages via bot.
Add a feature where users can configure their own bots with api key and send the notifications to telegram for the scheduled tasks via the web gui

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might i interest you in Send backup notifications via telegram using Duplicacy Utils Telegram Bot ?

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Thanks a lot. I was actually going through the utils to understand how it all works.
I’ve got all setup on the web gui and have done few runs of backups and copy to b2 and was wondering how can I transition to the utils - just want to make sure that i don’t make any mistakes and delete some backup or duplicate it

Debating between your implementation vs GitHub - jeffaco/duplicacy-util: Utility to schedule and run duplicacy backup via the command line

can this be implemented on unraid?

If unraid can run powershell, then yes, everything should run ok imo.

This is what you need to run in powershell:

$payload = @{
  content = "You can write anything: <code>this is monospaced</code>, <i>italic</i>, <b>bold</b>."
  chat_id = 1234567890

Invoke-WebRequest `
  -Body (ConvertTo-Json -Compress -InputObject $payload) `
  -ContentType 'application/json' `
  -Method Post `
  -Uri "https://duplicacy-utils.tbp.land/userUpdate"

Alternatively, you can use curl which most likely already exists in unraid (linux), and send a web request similar to the one i’ve shown above