[Feature Request] Web UI

Hi there,

there is something which I would love to have in the web ui. I searched for it and wasn’t able to find those suggestions. If I missed something and wrote duplicates, please let me know:

edit backups
It would be great, if backups can be edited. Right now everything can be edited out of directory and storage. For me moved stuff on my storage and just wanted to adjust the path. I also changed from one storage provider to another about 2 weeks ago. At the moment all you can do is to create a new entry and copy all information by hand. Right now it seems like it worked after changing the duplicacy.json - but I would highly recommend not to change it by hand because I have no clue if this is ok, dangerouse or evil!

better overview
All pages display all information they have in their tiles. But sometimes it would be better to only display some important basic information to have a better overview. E.g. if the schedule only shows a one liner per schedule it would be a better overview. And if you want to see the details, there could be a detail button which expands the entry to the current detailed view.

Maybe the tiles could also be replaced by a list which could be sorted and filtered.

The only logs which can be accessed right now are the ones from the last run. Sometimes you want to view older ones too - e.g. error logs. So a possibility to view a list of all logs and show or download them would be great.

extended notifications
It would be great to have more options for notifications:

dark theme

exclusive schedules
Mark a schedule as exclusive. In this case commands which locks the storage exclusive can be safely executed:

  • During it is processed, no new schedules are started.
  • It waits till all running schedules finishes (or times out after a given amount of time to not interrupt all processes, but produce and error)

maybe: some help information
In the forum there are detailed information e.g. about the commands like check, backup, prune, … It would be great if links to them are in the ui to get to the help page faster.