Feedback: License purchase and registration issues

Unless I misunderstand the table at Duplicacy, the prices given there do not match the actual prices when I try to purchase a commercial GUI or CLI license (Log in required) - the latter appears to be costing less. Same issue on the index page of - it says $50 per year but it’s currently much less when I purchase for more than one year, and that should be advertised. Update Actually, I just saw Big change in CLI license - that suggests I am getting lower prices offered for being an early adopter. So this is a non-issue.

Also, it is not made clear whether a commercial (GUI) license includes the CLI. Actually, even when downloading the GUI I was not clear whether I also need to install the CLI to make it work (usually, a GUI is a front-end for a program in the back, like a service or a CLI). Maybe not, but that should be explained better, IMO.

Also, the fields for entering my CC information are not properly tagged - “good” purchase sites support browsers (Safari in my case) and 1Password to auto-fill my name, address etc. This site’s order page does nothing of this sort.

Lastly, in my case I had already two licenses, with an empty Type field. I’d like to know for which type they are - the free one? (I am purchasing a new license regardless, just to support the developer a little, as I really like this tool! I had so much trouble trying to get duplicity to work, but it’s broken in so many places when trying to back up to scp or sftp).

One more thing: It’s difficult to figure out how to register the license for the CLI version. There should be some info on the confirmation page that appears after successful payment, or on the licenses page. I also looked at the CLI setup guide and the Duplicacy page. No info anywhere. Neither in the email I received. Or maybe I don’t have to enter the CLI license anywhere, as it’s not getting checked anyway? At least tell us that once we made the purchase so we don’t search in vain for where to enter it.

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Thank you for being a long time user!

This is mentioned at GitHub - gilbertchen/duplicacy: A new generation cloud backup tool

The computer with a valid commercial license for the GUI version may run the CLI version without a CLI license

But, yes, it should be included in the order page.

Also, the fields for entering my CC information are not properly tagged

I’ll fix that.

Your licenses were issued at a time when there wasn’t a distinction between personal and commercial. They should be commercial and I’ve updated them accordingly.

I appreciate your support, but you don’t really need to do this – especially when you already have two licenses…

You don’t need, as the CLI version doesn’t check the license. You’re right – I should have mentioned this somewhere on the website.


You may remember me as the one who wanted to help writing a native macOS GUI. I am still thinking about that as the current state of good backup apps for the Mac is dissatisfying - Arq, the app that seems to be most popular, has a very limited UI, and I’m sure I could do better. If only I had the time for it… :slight_smile:

Enjoy the new license payment I sent. Being a (somewhat successful) indie dev myself, I applaud you to sticking with your project. I had my doubts in the beginning, fearing you’d soon give up on it.


Yes, of course I remember you. In fact, looking back, I should have taken your help with the GUI so that I could have focused on the CLI…