Filters shouldn't be case aware if running on WIndows?

Just spent quite some time trying to work out why my filters file wasn’t being processed as expected. I think it is doing a comparison where case matters - this confuses us Windows users :wink:

Could the filters file (and perhaps restore criteria to keep things consistent) be processed as if case doesn’t matter if Duplicacy is run on a Windows system?


Can you file a github issue for that?

Here #232: Filters/paths should be case insensitive in some OSes

Filters on the Windows platform should not be case sensitive. Apps that run on a particular operating system should follow the conventions of the underlying operating system. And case-insensativity for file system objects is an important convention on Windows. (I would certainly argue the same for case-sensitivity on Lunix.)

This was been discussed in the past (circa 2017), and a regex workaround was mentioned, but this really should be fixed permanently so filters work intuitively on their respective platforms without resorting to a confusing regex workaround.